Family Picture 2016

Family Picture 2016

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The rest of August 2016

 The day after our family reunion we got to spend a reunion of sorts with the Schauers, because Austin Snow returned from his mission, with honor! We were all so excited to see cousin Austin, but none more than his mama Wendy.  We saw him speak in church the next day and he did a wonderful job! Love him.

 The same day Austin came home, August 13, we also celebrated Sandra Snow being married to Jarrett Seegmiller! In the Provo City Center Temple. Beautiful ceremony, beautiful wedding dinner, and beautiful reception. Beautiful bride! Loved this day.

Sandra Snow Seegmiller
 Fiora paid for eyelashes by Kelsy Barrett with her own money before school started, and she looked fabulous. Savanna used her very own debit card to pay for her new school clothes, and spent way too much on shoes, but hey she earned the money, she can spend how she chooses!
My sister Heidi had her baby just 5 days after the reunion, whew! Suzette Kathryn Carpenter arrived August 17, 2016, 6 lbs 15 oz and healthy as can be! Heidi had her all natural and recovered like a champ.

 Then the kids started school August 19--sophomore day and 7th grade day, Fiora waited til Aug 22 to start regular old boring 8th grade, lol. Jared was cute and made sure he was home when they went out the door so he could get a first day of school shot with them.


That same day, August 22, Krystal and Kollin had their arrival of Kaizlee Joy, 6 lbs 10 oz. Krystal had to have a c section and also recovered from that like a champ. She was up and coming to Travis' birthday party 5 days later! Congratulations Williams! Also an interesting note is Kaizlee was born on Lillians death day so we feel there is a connection between them.

 Sky had a growth spurt and we think is fully grown now, a little over 6 months old.  He doesn't like fetch so much, but he loves tug of war and keep away, and he thinks he can chew anything he can get his teeth on so we have to "dog proof" the house. He adds a fun energy to our family so we don't mind keeping him! He is having his neuter surgery as I write this, so he won't be the hyper teenage pup he has been lately.

Travis Carpenter turned 7 so we had a party at AAG and the little newborn cousins were there and oh so cute! They are my parents 21s and 22 grandchildren.

On a sad note, my grandma Rappleye age 95 suffered a stroke and has been in the hospital now for over a week. She recovered fairly quickly for her age and is in the rehab center at UVRMC until she gains full function of her muscles again and can do stairs. I have been humbled to see my sweet grandma laid up, she still tries to laugh, and has such a loving spirit still. I love how my cousins and siblings have been to visit her and love her so much. My parents took this video of Grandma when she regained mobility of her left arm, she was so excited.


Jared took Sky, Weston and Austin Snow on a camp out in the mountains  last weekend for an adventure in his Ranger. They had a nice male bonding time fishing, riding, and getting stung by wasps. Weston liked all of it except the wasps. Jared said Weston was having a coniption fit about the wasps, and they kept teilling him "They aren't going to hurt you." And not 5 minutes later Austin started screaming and hitting his arm because a wasp had climped into his shirt and stung his arm. HAHAHA. So they left that spot. 
That same weekend Savanna went with Jesse/kelsy/Mom/Dad to Lagoon, & Fiora went to a back to school party with her friends. I stayed home and worked, ho hum, but don't feel too bad, I still have fond memories of my fun time in Cabo holding me over.

Barrett Family Reunion 2016

ere's what went on this month. Aug 10-12 Barrett Family Reunion 2016!!! Bear Lake Utah. Jared got us there a little early so we did some off roading before check in, and we procured 2 flat tires. That was the only hiccup of the trip though, and Bill came and picked us and our gear up and took us to the lodge. Jared found a tire shop the next day and got them fixed. Overall it was great! Heidi and Gabe did a great job on the itinerary.
Day 1: checking in and getting rooms worked out, dad's famous burritos, playing games inside and outside of the lodge, spiritual thought by Holly on grace, watching some olympics or more games or bed.
Heidi Carpenter large (pregnant) and in charge
Mom and Dad enjoying the view

Playing games, doubles/unroll the prizes

game of frisbee golf

games outside

games inside

Treven got hit by a golf ball, fat lip. No reason for Westons weird face tho

Day 2: family 5K run/walk, Wes came in first grandma last, BFR challenge share, free time aka swimming in the lake, shakes, talent show, dinner, Barrett family trivia Jeopardy game. After I went to bed there was glow in the dark face paint, glow stick photo shoot, and watching meteor showers.

Barrett family 5K ready set go

I was first woman/girl done

homemade sourdough pancakes by Bill/Holly

beach fun

Famous raspberry shakes

talent show

Justin drew this in the hour we watched talents
Barrett Family Trivia Jeopardy

 Day 3: breakfast buffet, devotional by Jesse and Kelsy on charity, clean up and check out, then Minnetonka caves. Some stayed and camped, we Schauers went home.

Morning Devotional by Jesse
Goodbye bear lake

waiting for cave tour

As you can see we had a lot of fun. There was some spiritual feasting as well. Heidi and Gabe issued a Barrett Family Challenge to everyone in the family at the beginning of 2016, we set aside some money in the family fund to give cash prizes to all who completed at least two challenges in all four categories--Spiritual, physical, financial, and family history. Kynsie did every challenge except 1 which was more than anyone else could do. It was a blessing to listen to everyone's experiences of setting goals and accomplishing these challenges. I felt we grew individually and collectively as a family this year. Love my family!

In Memory of Lillian

In Memory of Lillian
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