Family Picture 2016

Family Picture 2016

Monday, September 2, 2019

August 2019

Wow I took a lot of pictures in August! Lots of good things happened in August, it will be a fond one in my memory. Highlights:

  • Weston was offered a position coaching some rec classes at AAG after all, which he does a couple hours three times a week. 
  • We invested in getting Fiora a horse she is learning to train and rides often at the arena we board him at, and she cleans his stall too. 
  • Savanna finally got her high school diploma and embarked on her adventure to Ecuador for 12 weeks. 
  • Sisters and mom retreat to the mountain home with a beautiful hike.
  • A family camping trip to Flaming Gorge where all five of us had a whole 48 hours in the same 1/4th mile radius.
  • A neighbor party Jared made street tacos for.
  • Jared taking Ranger and Fiora on a mountain ride with our neighbors.
  • And school started...I have two high schoolers now, which is much more easy with one of them driving.

Here are some pictures and other fun things we did. The pictures are going to have to tell the story, there's too much to write about.

Sisters/Mom Retreat


Additional Member of Schauers Family Farm: Ranger, 8 year old Gelding quarter horse



Family Camping Trip to Flaming Gorge





Dinner with Justin and his and Jared's friend Jake Fairhurst and his family 

Random other pictures

Neighborhood barbecue

Mountain Ride on Ranger by Fiora and Jared

Starting 10th grade and 11th grade


Packing up to leave for Ecuador, including Barrett family farewell dinner



Savanna has been gone a week now and she is struggling a little, but she is being very brave and calling us when she can and already doing amazing things at the orphanages there in Ecuador. Jared and I are very proud of her and will miss her until she comes home in November.

In Memory of Lillian

In Memory of Lillian
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