Family Picture 2016

Family Picture 2016

Monday, April 2, 2018

March 2018

I blinked and it's April. Here's what happened with us in March!

Fiora saw this picture of Savanna's brownie disaster and said "Don't get my head in it" which I thought was so funny.
My sister Karli Sue had a birthday and we kidnapped her and took her to Cheesecake factory
Holly and Kynsie did the kidnapping, and were the masterminds

I brought Savanna with us, twas a good time

They really need to get another Cheesecake factory in Utah county, we waited an hour at 2:30

Jared and I took a couple days to go down to Hurricane UT and look at real estate

We stayed at a nice place

Jared in the kitchen of the house we put an offer on. Yay for investment property!

beautiful day with beautiful Jared

My sister Holly dropped by and gave me a paint by numbers, its taking a while, I'm only 2/3rds done

Savanna doing her nails

Weston participated in the men's state gymnastics meet as a level 9 up in Layton UT. He placed in floor but otherwise had a tough night.
Regionals is this weekend then we are done for the year, but Wes looks forward to assistant coaching the level 4s this summer.

We saw our nephew Trevan who turned 12 this month perform in "The Little Mermaid" as prince Eric
He did great!

Had to get one with me and Jared in it.
Fiora and cute Suzette

Savanna and I hanging out, she has had a lot of sickness this month, not sure whats going on with her immune system.

I got to ride the front runner train up to salt lake with my dad for 2 days for a Social Work conference. So nice of him to help me navigate the public transportation system!

Savanna got asked to PG prom

We had a really fun date night with Heidi and Gabe at Happy Sumo, laughed so hard

These guys know how to have fun, and were so appreciative!

I was too hungry to wait for pictures so my mouth is always full in these pics

We ordered what I thought was too much food but apparently not!
Track season, Fiora waiting to run the 400 meter

She is a good sport. She came in last but we're so glad she is participating!!

Savanna got asked last minute to Liahona prom by Hyrum, we dashed over to the AF amphitheater to see her get pictures taken with her friends and group.
She scrambled to get a dress and shoes and nails done in time, she was beautiful and had fun

Our niece Lacey Weight got married March 30 to John Stewart in the Provo City Center Temple. Savanna came to babysit her cousin Lyndi's kids.
Jared and I snagged a picture, I like this one

She also got to watch Cookie and Tate, her cousins by her dad's twin Justin

Lacey and John, we are so happy for them and had fun seeing Schauers family that day

In other news, I got another job and start April 9th. I will be working two or three evenings a week at LDS family services in Provo on BYU campus. I will keep my current job and keep my clientele there, which is while the kids are at school, so it will work out well. Ever since earning my L I have been keeping an eye out for an LDSFS opening part time, as working there has been a personal goal since 2006. I'm grateful the Lord considers me worthy and able to serve there at this time.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

February 2018

Another month has flown by and we are well into the next month before I get to the blog post. But here it is! Highlights of February: fast sunday dinner with mom and dad, Fiora's Birthday!, a Valentines day that went down in history, kids going on a trip to Universal Studios with dad, Jared's four wheeling trip with his brothers, and Weston and I going on a trip with Heidi and Trevan to Colorado Springs. The reason for all these trips of course is gym meets, except for Jared's brothers trip to southern utah which he did mostly for fun.
Savanna being tired and hungry on fast sunday

Three course dinner for my favorite people! Spring rolls, curry soup, and ratatouie

oh and a little healthy fudge for dessert

asparagus scrambled eggs for breakfast, so yummy

mint date rolls

While Jared was in CA with the kids I attended Sophie Nielson's baptism

Here are Jared's California pictures. It was a quick trip for a meet in Aliso Viejo, Weston struggled at that one, didn't feel well, but they made the most out of it! Saw the beach, visited Aunt Chrissy, and spent a whole day in Universal Studios, while I stayed home cleaned the house and watched the dog. They needed to use their flight vouchers before April so thats why they all went. Kids reported having fun but not getting much sleep!

Happy Birthday Fiora!
Fiora turned 15!! She was delightful on her birthday and chose beans avocado and salsa for breakfast.

Jared and I took her to Tucanos for her birthday dinner.
 40 reasons we love Fiora:
She is always thankful for the meals we cook, she is a true friend, smart, loves reading, turns in her phone at night, her smile, how she sings, talent at crafts and creating things, goes to YW and church, keeps up her grades, beautiful on the inside, love for animals, love for sweets, beautiful face, kind to children and babies, her eyes, that she calls people a chicken nugget, loves pop music, sense of style, loves decorations, her faith, playing card games, funny sense of humor, how many times she says she loves me when I buy her something, patience with our faults, how many times she went off sugar, fun, great body, her laugh, that she attends seminary, reads her scriptures, loves stuffed animals, awesome dance moves, always on time for breakfast and school, patience with brother and sister, loves to run, willingness to do her chores, does her own laundry, helps out when we go out of town, trying food even if you don't feel like it, her hugs, sweetest tempered baby ever!

Jared rocked my world on Valentines day this year. He told me not to brag about it on facebook but I guess I can here. AFter Fioras birthday dinner the two of them went to the store and bought a bunch of decorations, and after I went to bed they decorated the whole house with balloons streamers, and flowers, and cut out hearts on the floor. I was so surprised! The table was even set and Jared insisted on making breakfast, eggs in a frame and strawberry smoothies. I loved every bit of it and felt so loved. Couldn't have imagined a better Vday even as a teenage girl, what a guy Jared is!

Visiting the other loves of my life: Mom and Grandma R

Savanna dolled up for her sweetheart ball dance, she came to Maria Bonitas to show me because I was out to dinner with Jared when she left.

Winter showed up at the end of February, dealing with snow removal

Jared was going to take his dad who turned 80 on the 25th of Feb down with his brothers Chad, Aaron and Justin, on a trip to the dunes and Zion, but Neil slipped a disc in his back and couldn't go. So they took the trip anyway and stopped by to visit their dad. They had a fun  time.

what my kids are usually doing in the afternoon
 Weston and I geared up to drive to Colorado Springs in a snow storm on Friday and come back on Sunday, and I convinced my sister Heidi to come with me! We enjoyed having lots of time to talk and laugh, and try to get our boys to do something other than be on electronics ha ha. Weston did a great job at his meet. We stopped by Garden of the Gods and an Italian restaurant that was really good. Weston only got to swim 15 minutes but was glad he at least got to jump in.

yummy hotel breakfasts

AAG level 9 1st place team!

Fiora making sweets again

In Memory of Lillian

In Memory of Lillian
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